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Spring Hustle

Living, on purpose.

With Springtime approaching, it is only natural for our minds to wander and wonder if our hustle is on purpose for a purpose or are we dragging along aimlessly.

The winter may have brought cold weather, dark & dreary nights, drizzly rain, pondering feelings, snow, comfort foods, cozy throws, extra weight. Could have also brought happines or caused sadness. whatever your situation just know with each new day is a day to renew. If you are questioning if your current hustle is headed in the right (for you) direction, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much room in your life have you set aside for reflection.

  2. Do you write in a journal? Meditate? Or talk through your decisions with people in your inner circles?

  3. Do your decisions come from a place of passion and joy? Or are they coming from insecurity and fear?

  4. What are the times in your life when you’ve felt most productive and engaged?

  5. Does the time you spend in life align with your purpose? Or do you know your purpose?

these are key questions to ask yourself while you self reflect. You’ll be surprised to see how much clarity you’ll see when you take time to check in with yourself. We all go through times when we check in with everyone around us and forget to check on us. It is imperative we know who we are, what we are doing, how we are spending our time snd where we are headed and for what reason.

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