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Managing grief and wellness

Updated: Feb 16

When we are faced with unexpected grief or situations that seem too difficult to overcome we start doubting ourselves. We tend to allow depression to settle and we lose focus on our inner strength. What we must remember is that God has a purpose for all of us including those who have passed away. Sometimes God calls back his angels for purposes bigger than our mind can grasp. This is when we need to dig deep in our mind and heart and find a creative outlet. I’ve found that im most creative in my darker days. This is when I’ve really reflected on my life, others life, the relationship that was just lost, what I learned and how I will honor this person. One thing I would do is wear a beanie as it made me feel safe, secure and warm, cozy up with a blanket, my chai tea and my journal.

By doing this, I feel like my thoughts are hidden and cannot escape unless I want them to, that’s when I’d write to my heart’s content. This way, my feelings are not leaving, rather they are staying somewhere safe but not taking up space in my head. We have to allow our Mind the ability to let go so we may move forward. Not forgetting just moving forward so we do not feel stuck.

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