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Tips on keeping your peace.

Updated: Feb 16

Have you ever been talking to someone and you were totally happy and calm and they say a phrase or word that just sets you off and now you’re feeling all upset and uneasy?

Well you’re not alone, we all go through this at times in our life. The key to understanding why this switch gets flipped on the inside is to know and understand ourselves & know and understand the circle of friends we keep.

Typically this switch goes off either because of how we feel about ourselves, our self confidence level, insecure feelings and our accomplishments thus far in life. Or the person you’re talking with is just flat out a negative, joy stealing person & they are miserable on the inside and want you to join in their misery. Like the saying “misery loves company “.

When all of this happens, our intuition picks up on their negative energy and we either feel crazy emotional on the inside or we snap back at them. I’ve felt both, but the latter is non beneficial. Trust me, lowering yourself to their level just makes us feel bad. Mostly because they just don’t understand what happened.

You see, we all speak and understand only from our level of understanding. Period. If what they are saying is negative and you try to be positive and they continue to be negative, you must I repeat YOU MUST recognize this as not your trusted Circle. It could be a family member, a long time friend, but as difficult as it may be, we must distance ourselves from people like this and allow them to remain on their path as they WILL derail you from your God given path.

The more you associate with negative mindset people the more you will develop a negative mindset as well. You cannot hang out with a group of cackling chickens and expect yourself to leave and go soar with eagles. Doesn’t work like that.

What it comes down to is to surround yourself with the kind of person You want to become. You don’t want to just limit yourself to like minds as it could take you longer to figure out what your path is and where you’re headed. It’s ok to be around these people for a short time to learn what we want and don’t want to become but be careful not to get stuck there.

So the next time you are around a negative person, know it’s ok to listen to them and let them vent once or twice but if it’s constantly happening just don’t make yourself available for them. You must protect what you have. When that ‘inner feeling’ is triggered, just recognize it, be fully aware of it and move forward with that mindfulness.

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